Let’s change the world.

We all have or know someone who has suffered greatly from medication side effects. Sometimes it’s inevitable, but many times it’s preventable.

Join the movement that’s set out to Change how medications are prescribed.

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How ExactoMED works?

ExactoMED is a health app that collects people’s “medication experiences” — all done privately and anonymously — and uses its big data engine to provide medication information that is 100% individualized just for you.

All done privately and anonymously!

sFor this first phase of our endeavor, we are focusing on collecting as much medication experience data as possible, so that we can turn on our big data engine.

Once our big data engine “kicks into gear”, we will then launch ExactoMED’s main feature where you will be able to simply enter a medical condition and receive your very own personalized medication information, including most preferred medication options with least side effects… just for you.

Join us and Make a difference.


of hospital injuries are due to side effects.


side effects double hospital stay and hospitalization cost.


of side effects in elderly are likely to be serious, yet many are preventable.

$30 ~ $130B

how much side effects are costing the healthcare sector annually.

Because you are the answer.


To launch our app, we need to collect as much data as possible, and that’s where you come in.


We will be asking you some questions about yourself and your medication experiences.


Relax, sit back and be the answer.

Thanks to you, we are one more step closer to changing how medications are prescribed.